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Who is VIP Staffing?

VIP Staffing, a division of Global Healthcare Solutions, Inc., was founded by Edward Shaheen, MD, a practicing residency trained, board certified emergency physician with the belief that care in emergency departments can be improved and at a lower cost.  We also believe that the locum staffing model can be improved.  VIP Staffing's goal is to improve the care that is delivered in emergency departments throughout the country. 

Emergency physicians are not simply physicians who practice medicine in the emergency department.  Emergency physicians are experts in the field of emergency medicine who are able to quickly and efficiently perform a thorough, yet focused, history and physical exam and quickly develop a broad differential diagnosis and institute an appropriate treatment plan often before little other information is known and without unnecessary delays.  We understand that board certification in emergency medicine and experience mean something more than a piece of paper.  VIP Staffing is changing the way physicians, hospitals and emergency groups view locum physicians. 

VIP Staffing is able to improve the care that is delivered in emergency departments throughout the country.  VIP Staffing recognizes that not all physicians and job opportunities are the same.  VIP has a simple philosophy: recruit and retain highly skilled, hard working and well trained physicians; pay them well and treat them the way they deserve to be treated.  We work hard to find the best opportunities that meet our physicians needs; we find the right opportunity for the right physician i.e. the right "fit."  Our physicians are the top in their field.  They consistently deliver excellent care to their patients and to our clients.  As a result, our physicians are happy, our clients are happy and we maintain long and strong relationships with our physicians and client staffing groups.  In fact, because of our great reputation in the industry, we have been able to negotiate better compensation packages or opportunities for our physicians than others have been able to or that a physician might be able to on his/her own.

VIP understands there is a better way to staff emergency departments than what is currently present in the industry.  We deliver better service to not only our physicians but also hospitals and emergency groups who engage our services.  Whether providing physicians on site or virtually through our industry leading and highly advanced VIP Staffing Telemedicine service, VIP Staffing is a leader in the industry

Emergency Physicians Benefit:

VIP Staffing uncovers and negotiates opportunities where well trained and qualified physicians have access to better opportunities than might be otherwise available to them and allows VIP Physicians to receive better pay.  VIP Staffing screens opportunities and physicians and looks for the best fit.  This translates into better assignments and pay for physicians and better staffing for groups and hospitals than currently occurs.  VIP Staffing is a win-win for all of its clients and partners. 

Emergency Groups & Hospitals Benefit:

VIP Staffing delivers higher quality physician services that translates into better patient care, higher patient satisfaction, better documentation, increased revenue and more appropriate admissions.  We enable emergency departments to be better than they could be otherwise.  Our physicians undergo VIP screening on numerous performance measures that are important for the care delivered and growth of your group and emergency department.

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