VIP Staffing - .......because you deserve more!
What is VIP Staffing?
VIP Staffing, a division of Global Healthcare Solutions, Inc., is an organization that recognizes that not all physicians and job opportunities are the same.  Established by an emergency medicine board certified practicing emergency physician, VIP understands there is a better way to staff emergency departments than what is currently present in the industry.  We deliver better service to not only our physicians but also the emergency groups and hospitals who engage our services.
Emergency Physicians Benefit:
VIP Staffing uncovers and negotiates opportunities where well trained and qualified physicians have access to better opportunities than might be otherwise available and that allow VIP Physicians to receive better pay.  VIP Staffing screens opportunities and physicians and looks for the best fit.  This translates into better assignments and pay for physicians and better staffing for groups and hospitals.  VIP Staffing is a win-win for all of its clients. 
Emergency Groups & Hospitals Benefit:
VIP Staffing delivers higher quality physician services that translates into better patient care, higher patient satisfaction, better documentation and more appropriate admissions.  We enable your emergency department to be better than it could be otherwise.  Our physicians undergo VIP screening on numerous performance measures that are important for the care delivered and growth of your group and emergency department.. .
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